Primarily, we help our clients to fulfil their dreams – though when they first come to see us, they don’t usually know what those dreams are. Our roles are to help them identify what they want out of life; to design and implement a financial roadmap to achieve it; and to actively review their progress along the way.

Lonsdale is unlike other Financial Services organisations in a number of ways. Our business is not dependant on the sale of individual products, but rather the quality of the lifelong relationships we build with our clients and their families. This page explains some of these relationships. It has taken time to build them because it takes time to really understand people’s hopes, dreams and ambitions.

Our clients pay us for this relationship, and know that they get what they pay for. All of our colleagues are experienced; not only in things financial, but also in life generally. They have interests, ambitions and families of their own.

So many of our clients have lived varied and interesting lives; some happy, some sad, but that’s the way our business is. Please take some time to read through the following stories which are all true, and are a reflection of how we have worked intrinsically with our clients through the ups and downs of their lives, in pursuit of their ultimate goals.

Director of a Property Development Company

The Philanthropist

A Family Man

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