From our experience of working with hundreds of clients, we have discovered that many people do not actively review and monitor their retirement plans, and are worried that their pension plans will not generate enough income to fund their retirement.

That is why we created this pension review strategy. It allows us to thoroughly analyse all of your existing pension funding plans, understand how they are comprised and the benefits they are intended to provide, and enables us to formulate recommendations for any remedial actions which we believe may be required to help meet your financial objectives.

There are three major reasons why many pension plans under-achieve people's expectations:

1. The funds in most pension plans are not actively monitored by an investment specialist or financial adviser;

2. Most pension plans are not managed in line with a suitably diversified asset allocation investment model and risk profile;

3. Many people are not getting value for money because of a combination of high charges, poor quality funds, little/no active review process, insufficient reporting on the plan's progress and an inflexible pension wrapper.

The Pension Performance Review is a fee-based, objective analysis of your risk profile, your investment objectives, your expectations, and the performance of your pension investments. Simply put, we assess the current status of your retirement arrangements, and make detailed recommendations of any actions we believe should be considered in order to bring your retirement plans from where you are now, to where you want to be in the future.

We begin by helping you establish and put in writing your risk profile, your investment objectives, and expectations. Then we look at your pension plans and determine if the asset allocation is right for your situation. If the structure of your pension plan is appropriate, we will recommend not changing anything. But if analysis shows that you can better fulfill your objectives by transferring your pensions elsewhere and/or altering the investment structure within them, we will say so.

The key is objectivity: because we charge for this service, we have no vested interest other than to see your pension investments grow, and for you to be happy with the long term results. We simply give our advice.

The Pension Performance Review offers multiple benefits to investors concerned about the investment climate, and their future. You have the potential to:

• Enhance the performance of your assets;

• Build a portfolio that will empower your future; and

• Delegate the investment management and ongoing monitoring of your retirement arrangements with a view to both meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Once you have completed the review, you will be in a position to make an informed choice; therefore potentially giving you greater peace of mind. You will know what investments you hold and why. And, you will feel clearer about your goals, and have greater confidence about achieving them.

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