"It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"


Laurence Rose qualified as an Adviser after spending his early career in the banking sector. In those days the industry was very different, and Laurence gradually became disenchanted with its reputation and under-regulation. This led to him taking a year’s sabbatical to run his own company, organising adventure holidays in France for people to experience his own passions - extreme sports.

Whilst hurling oneself out of an aeroplane generates a huge sense of achievement, it also gives you perspective; and Laurence found that this whole experience had enlightened his sense of responsibility, trust, and risk management. These factors gave him the confidence to help guide people in the search of their dreams, aspirations and financial security, and he decided to return to the industry - but this time with the vision to make a difference: to give his clients the professional, modern and bespoke service that they should expect. Upon his return as an IFA he met Ralph, and also developed a relationship with a large firm of local Accountants, alongside whom they set up their own IFA firm, Lonsdale Financial Consulting Limited – bringing all those visions into a reality.

Laurence is very much a people-person. He prides himself on being very open and honest, and aims to develop a close, long-term relationship with his clients and their families. He is a committed family man himself, and loves to spend quality time with his children, but also recognises that the time they spend apart is just as important as the time they spend together. Hence he can still occasionally be found at the top of a mountain, or zooming around the race-track on his Ducati!


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