In an industry which is constantly evolving and developing new ways of providing financial advice, you may find that most Financial Planning firms have adopted very different ways of working, and different levels of service and advice that they offer to their clients. To help you understand the service you can expect from Lonsdale Financial Consulting we have outlined below the key stages of our Advisory and Administrative processes, which gives you an idea of how we will work with you throughout our relationship. This process is by no means exhaustive, and is individually tailored to each client according to his or her requirements, goals and current arrangements.

Pre-Meeting Pack:
Prior to your meeting we will confirm when and where your meeting is. Our clients value having the meetings in our offices as this enables them to think more clearly about what they want to achieve. We will confirm where you can park and will allocate a parking space for you.

The most important thing you bring is an open mind.

Initial meeting with your adviser:
The first meeting that we hold with you is free of charge, and is a useful way of finding out about each other and whether we are happy to establish a working relationship together. We would usually take this opportunity to talk about your existing position, your goals and objectives for the future, and the parameters around which we will help to get you there. This will include running through the forms we sent to you in the Pre-Meeting Pack. We would also welcome any questions you may like to ask us about our Company’s processes, our experience and qualifications, and the ways in which we are remunerated.

Proposal for services:
After our initial meeting, if we both agree that a working relationship can be established, we will write to you outlining the areas we discussed at our meeting. This will also include our terms of engagement, fee agreement, and confirmation of the service level that we will provide to you.

Research and analysis:
Upon receiving your agreement to our terms of engagement and service/fee agreement, we will start to compile information on your existing arrangements and contracts, in order that we can build a full picture of your present position. This will include contacting the various companies with whom you hold policies, and requesting that they forward full details of your plans to us for our records

Once we have received all of the information on your existing contracts, we will design a bespoke financial plan which will form a ‘roadmap’ to assist in moving you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Sometimes this needs to be undertaken in smaller stages, and forms part of a long term project.

Follow-up meeting:
Our recommendations will be sent to you, and will normally be followed up by a second meeting (or in some cases, we can schedule a telephone meeting where appropriate). This will give you the opportunity to read through our proposals with your Adviser and ask questions on any areas which you may like to be explained or expanded upon in more detail. (In some cases, we may issue an initial report covering your current position, then our specific recommendations will be sent after the follow-up meeting).

Implementation phase:
If you are in agreement with our recommendations, and would like us to proceed with their implementation, we will make all the arrangements on your behalf and confirm whether any paperwork requires completion. (This is usually undertaken at the follow-up meeting, so you can ask us if you have any questions on completing forms, etc). We aim to pre-populate our forms as much as possible on your behalf, both to save you time and ensure that any companies we may have recommended receive the details they need.

Review process:
Once our recommendations have been implemented we will commence regular reviews with you (normally at least annually). These review meetings will include:

It is important to us that you feel confident with the advice and services that we provide to you at all times. We aim to build long-term, trusting relationships with our clients and encourage open and constructive feedback so we know when things are going right, and when things need working on.

We are a focused, experienced and highly qualified team who endeavour to provide excellent advice and value to all of our clients. If you would like to talk to us about our advisory service, please contact one of our Directors on 01892 546654, or e-mail us at

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